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Pet Therapy

Wellstone Regional Hospital utilizes pet therapy to explore patient's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. On Friday, Thuptin (which means keeper of the heart), a Tibetan Spaniel, spends the afternoon traveling through the hospital participating in group therapy sessions for all ages.

For Children

Thuptin and his handler, Michael Anne, who is certified through the Greater Clark County Red Cross, promote discussions about:

  • Being kind to animals
  • Seeing animals as possessing emotions
  • Learning to confide in pets
  • Seek comfort from pets

For Adolescents

Thuptin and Michael Anne promote discussions about:

  • The responsibility of taking care of pets
  • Companionship and the opportunity for channeling energies into a pet instead of acting out in negative behaviors
  • How taking care of a pet relates to being taken care of by others, which can be a tool for sharing in family therapy sessions

For Adults

Together, Thuptin and Michael Anne encourage discussions about:

  • How a pet can offer distraction from difficult moments through companionship and unconditional love
  • Stress their pets may cause especially in an already overwhelming situation


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