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Specialized Therapies

Wellstone Regional Hospital offers many opportunities for specialized therapies. These include recreational therapy, art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, horticulture therapy, and experiential therapy which includes activities such as the climbing wall and other team building initiatives.

These therapies use a number of resources which include the art rooms and all types of art media, the gym and all types of physical games and activities as well as outdoor areas designated for horticulture therapy, gardening and planting. Some of the therapeutic goals of these activities include cooperation, team building, expressing feelings, improving self-esteem, anger control, and coping skills.

Horticultural Therapy

At Wellstone Regional Hospital, Horticultural Therapy is offered as a tool to help improve an individual's mental well-being. Horticultural Therapy includes the use of fruits, vegetables, shrubbery, flowers, and plants to promote healing. These activities are a source of relaxation, satisfaction, enjoyment, and accomplishment. Benefits of horticultural therapy include increased determination and motivation, and increased social interaction especially with working toward a common goal. Patients often develop self-confidence and increase self-esteem with horticultural therapy.

A trained horticultural therapist provides individual and group therapies both inside and outside to patients of all ages. A greenhouse is maintained year around at Wellstone, and therapists lead patients through activities of planting, nurturing, growing, and harvesting vegetables and fruits. Another aspect of horticultural therapy is simply being able to admire the beauty of flowers and plants, which can be done throughout the facility.

Group and individual therapy is conducted by trained and qualified staff in their respective areas.

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